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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Mueller concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to indict. He also did not rule out obstruction.

So far, the public only has a 65 word summary of Mueller's report penned by AG Barr.

Thats like me summarizing Islam as "a religion of peaceful submission to God and belief in the total Oneness of God" and then someone claiming the Quran doesn't say Muhammad was a man of peace because that wasn't explicitly stated in my quote.

At any rate, this whole thing has been a tamsha.
Absence of evidence means it was conspiracy and speculation to begin with.

This tamasha will backfire on democrats in 2020.

Talking about issues, policies, witch hunt - almost nothing works against an incumbent. If the economy remains as it is and unemployment remains low, Trump will be on course for a land slide in 2020.

The only path to remove an incumbent is record turn out. Since presidency is ultimately decided in few swing states, even 1 or 2% boost in turn out of you own party voters will swing the election and defeat the incumbent.

The only person, and I am not saying this because I am a Bernie supporter, who has shown the ability to cause a massive turn out on election day is Bernie Sanders. Only Bernie rallies at the moment rival Trump rallies in terms of turn out, fervor, passion, and energy.

Should democrats nominate anyone other than Bernie, Trump is guaranteed until 2024.
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