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Originally Posted by mufi_02
^Don’t have a lot of option with 401k. Where else would I put my money? Plus I’m not withdrawing any money from there in the next 35-40 years. So should be okay.

But 2018 has been crazy. I mean YTD all indexes are down 5% or more.

Now the latest reports say Trump may fire Fed Chair Powell. If that happens, market will go apesh*t.
All 401k should and does have options which has bonds and more importantly a cash fund/money market. With rising rates most of those yield in 2 to 2.5%. Ppl are moving money there from stocks - you can do that within 401k. you have to be pretty smart and lucky to be able to pull it off multiple x. Selling at top and re entering at a reasonable price can make huge difference but it's not so easy. It's however easier to pour more as market tanks when time horizon is that long.

Trump trying to exert too much hand in this market. In grand scheme of things, he is a tiny little man in trillion dollar market. If he thinks he can control it - he would be delusional. he took too much credit for it's upward momentum so it reflects bad on him if it goes down - so he is trying to point fingers.

ppl with money are smart - they don't play around with this bullshit.... if I sense chaos and uncertainy - i pull out till things are settled regardless of what is promised. i don't think any moves by anyone will do anything. Market made up its mind it's gonna trim - it's gonna trim. period. i don't think powel firing will do anymore harm than what it would be otherwise... Fed's job is to keep the economy going and stable - it is not in conflict with a sitting presidents goal. its really apolitical.
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