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Originally Posted by Fazal
Tamim started the trend (in this game) and the other two (Litton and SS) followed. They all got out in similar manner.

Mushfiq and Sakib could have rebuilt the innings but hesitant Mushfiq got run out.

Ryiad whrn back to his shell, neither he could stay long enough, not could he play with a good RR.

Out of the Big four, three failed along with the rest.
Well it's not always this or that, either passive or aggressive. You dance. You blend in aggression with caution. It's as simple as that.

And Tamim IS right when he said Bangladesh wouldn't produce any players like Sehwag.

I used to go to these OBNOXIOUS Bangali parties and one STOOGE would always coerce others into making their shots and give ideas and play for them in carrom board.

SAME theory applies in our culture. Amra onner hoye khelte chai vicariously. Arrey beta tayle tui nije giya khel eto biddya shagor hoile. Certain "reporter's" attitude comes to mind.

As a coach, think tank and and leader, you need to put your FAITH and TRUST on your players after doing the hard work and LET THEM DECIDE the best approach. Sit back, you have done your job and at least give the decency called respect and trust on your players.

As Charles Duhigg mentioned in Power of Habit, one a group of Navy SEALs were told to clean a room yet no one gave them the instructions on where the brushes and sweeps are.

Figure it out yourself!!

Amader atel marka BC-r mentality hochche spoon feed koira lokma lokma mowa tuila khawaye diya. Nijera to lifey kisui korte parla... be it third rate journalist or something 'else'.


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