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Originally Posted by Habib
I am with Roey on this. Soumya has to continue the way he has always played which is to be an aggressive batsman. The main selling point for him is that he can utilize the fielding restriction and if he stays on the wicket for 15 overs, we will be in a good position to win a match. Maybe he will become more matured and patient like Tamim is now some day and we will have to find him a different role then. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Yes. But I still think that since ODI is such a huge canvas you can still patiently graft your innings. People like Rohit Sharma takes time to settle in and then explodes. In fact, as the commentator said: "He has the right to play these kind of shots" after he reached 50.

Call me a hopeless classicist, but I still think the orthodox approach which Shamim Chowdhury - albeit diligently- points out of settling in, getting a feel for the wicket, not to mindlessly hit aerial ball after hitting a six - as Athar would vouch- DOES pay dividends.

For Soumya it is almost an axiom that should he get settled getting 30-40 runs, he becomes unstoppable.
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