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Originally Posted by mufi_02
lol that was classic.

trump has no clue whatsoever. he will tweet something totally unrelated now and distract the conversation. or go to one of those MAGA rallies and get cheers from rednecks to get some confidence.

GM already announced huge US job cuts. 5 year treasuries are yielding less than 2 year. this inverted curve always predicted recession.
And I left out the biggest single thing.

The gradual, but sure erosion of democracy in America. Wisconsin is one of the very first states where democracy is ending. The GOP lost the governership and the AG post but still control the legislative branch. So they are pushing for laws that will strip the new incumbent Democrats of their powers and authority. This can't be undone until Democrats control the state senate and/or house.

Essentially, this is the end of American democracy. Because one state has been successfully able to do it, other states will follow. And also because rules and order only work if everyone (or the vast majority of people obey them), Democrats will have no choice but to to do the same thing in return.

The beginning of this process probably started when the GOP obstructed Obama's appointments, leading to the Democrats to push things through with a simple majority. The Republicans then followed suit using the nuclear option to get Supreme Court nominees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh elevated. So now everything will be done on a simple majority basis, which terminates the need for bipartisanship, which in turn just increases the D-R divide in the US.

We are about to enter a new era of psuedo-democracy. And if it happens in the US, it will most likely happen in Europe, Australia, Canada as well.
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