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Originally Posted by iDumb

this trade war can be devastating if persisted on.
Anyone who thinks you can win a trade war with China has no clue about Chinese culture, discipline, and values.

I know nothing about economics. In fact outside of cricket, some basic pathophysiology, and some basic theology, I know almost nothing.

But thinking sanctions will sway the North Koreans or tariffs will coerce the Chinese is as effective as thinking misery will overwhelm Palestinians.

Even if the Chinese economy dies, 90% of chinese people can survive on eating grass and squirrels...can Americans tolerate only having 2 cars to drive instead of 5???

However strong the economy is is 99% due to things that happened during Obama's 8 years. Trump has zero contribution. DOW was at 8,000 when Obama took office and nearly tripled during his 8 years. By the time Trump leaves office, the DOW will probably have lost unless Trump policies are reversed.

Foreign policy is in shambles. North Korea is still building missiles. Iran won't be going nuclear for a while - that was never an imminent credible threat despite what Netanyahoo might say. Now with the MBS-Kashoggi scandal, the US is in a bind. If Congress gets their way, the Saudis might pull their billions out of our markets. Conversely, KSA is crucial in the US-Israeli-GCC alliance against Iran. If Trump gets his way, MBS will only become emboldened further as his immunity will be solidified. The EU already knows they are largely on their own in world affairs. Russia is still being Russia and Putin knows he's in control of the chess board.
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