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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
Pakistan is reeling under the protests from extremists throughout the country, after their Supreme Court acquited Asia Bibi, who was charged with making defaming statement about Prophet Muhammad (S).

She has spent eight years in jail before her acquital. Also the lawyer who represented her already left the country fearing his life.

This goes to show the dangerous level extremeism has taken root in Pakistan. Imran Khan tried to control the situation by cajoling the extremist groups, but in this scenerio, the appropriate course of action was TOUGHNESS.

He will be addressing his nation soon, and if he has any knowledge, he should quote the folloiwng verse from the Holy Quran that is sufficient to calm the siutation:

Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers [Quran 15:95]

Here God has declared that He alone is sufficient to preseve the dignity and honor of His Prophet against his mockers, both of his time and those to come until the end of time. Therefore, making protests and disrupting public life in the name of honoring the Prophet adds nothing but rather shows immaturity and lack of proper understanding the religion.

Also, is the honor of Prophet so fickle that an unverfied comment from a no-name deserves so much reaction? If you love the Prophet, why don't you follow his way in your life instead of demanding hanging of a no-name based on some filmsy, unsubstantiated proof?

People of Pakistan (and sub-continent to some extent) are truly ungovernable.
This is not just in Pakistan, but the same thing is happening in Bangladesh for a long time now. Lots of bloggers who criticized the religion (also the prophet) being targetted and killed, one of those killed was only targetted for agreeing with the bloggers literature. Even authors like Zafar Iqbal has been made a target. So it is wrong to point fingers at Pakistan when we are equally bad if not worse.

There are few things you must realize. You cannot say "We must defend the honor of prophet with our lives" and than also quote " Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers" . You cannot have it both ways just to suit your purpose.
I have the right to criticize every wrong action irrespective of who committed them.

You must remember, if I call someone "bad" does not make him bad, neither forcing to admit that someone is "the best" necessarily makes him the best.

You only fight when you cannot answer any criticism with proper logic.

The bloggers were targeted because in a lot of cases the information presented cannot be defended in any other form. For example, you cannot defend a man marrying his own "daughter in law", and yes your prophet did that. I have just stated a fact that is universally accepted by every scholar in the world. But stating this makes me a target because I am portraying him in a bad light. Why should that be the case? I am not mocking the prophet, I am stating a fact that no one I have known could ever defend. (so much for the quote 15:95)

Asia bibi is not the first to be targetted by the extremist and she wont be the last either. Government of Pak already wilted to the extremist demand by ensuring that she cannot escape Pakistan. She is a poor women with 5 kids (unverified) who was targetted by the blood thirsty extremists and once a playboy has now become the enforcer for these extremists (imran khan).

Please remember, Holey Artisan did not happen in a vacuum. It happened because the government refused to take action against numerous blogger killings that pre-dated the Holey Artisan. Instead the Government blamed and arrested the bloggers for getting killed. Those lives in Holey artisan could have been saved if right actions were taken at the right time.
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