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Pakistan is reeling under the protests from extremists throughout the country, after their Supreme Court acquited Asia Bibi, who was charged with making defaming statement about Prophet Muhammad (S).

She has spent eight years in jail before her acquital. Also the lawyer who represented her already left the country fearing his life.

This goes to show the dangerous level extremeism has taken root in Pakistan. Imran Khan tried to control the situation by cajoling the extremist groups, but in this scenerio, the appropriate course of action was TOUGHNESS.

He will be addressing his nation soon, and if he has any knowledge, he should quote the folloiwng verse from the Holy Quran that is sufficient to calm the siutation:

Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers [Quran 15:95]

Here God has declared that He alone is sufficient to preseve the dignity and honor of His Prophet against his mockers, both of his time and those to come until the end of time. Therefore, making protests and disrupting public life in the name of honoring the Prophet adds nothing but rather shows immaturity and lack of proper understanding the religion.

Also, is the honor of Prophet so fickle that an unverfied comment from a no-name deserves so much reaction? If you love the Prophet, why don't you follow his way in your life instead of demanding hanging of a no-name based on some filmsy, unsubstantiated proof?

People of Pakistan (and sub-continent to some extent) are truly ungovernable.
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