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Originally Posted by iDumb
I am so emotionally detached. .
Just logged into all the my accounts across all platform. Finally sank in and starting to hurt a little. But the only way i can prevent this is to go into a day trade mode which I rather not as I can't be watching the market full time.

It's easy to lock in profit and pull out but difficult decision is getting back in. That's where I struggle most of the time.

Since a decision has been made i will stick to it and try to lower my cost of purchase. If 2019 brings down over all market another 20 percent or so which I think will happen if rates cont to rise - instead of trying to prevent loss I am gonna do the opposite and go into a full throttle buying mode. Pretty much at 50% higher of my current auto purchases... I am at my accumulation phase in life. So let's do that - accumulate.

I feel blessed to be in a position to do some of these things... I still have more room to really feel the pinch and go into an extreme buying mode but that will be done only if the market is in turmoil.... extreme buying mode to me is directly putting your paycheck to market and live off of ur savings as if you lost your job.

I know of couple of high earners who save 70 to 80% of their income. but they are single without any responsibilities of life. Their whole goal in life is to see their net asset grow and masturbate to it.
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