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It is already clear that the Saudi Government murdered Jamal Khashoggi, but the only drama that is waiting to be played out is how US and Turkey help the Saudis get out of this mess without rocking the Saudi establishment boat in exchange for $$$.

US has already received 100 million dollars from the Saudis for reconstruction in Syria (read 'bribe'). Trump had business ties with Saudis for two decades. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand why Trump has so brazenly and forcefully defended the Saudi royals after such a horrific murder, and even floated the 'rogue killers' theory. May be Roey and other BC Trumpers can explain the defense of their great President.

As for Turkey, they are in bad shape economically, and they have all the proofs of this murder, and they will definitely use it to squeeze as much money as possible from the Saudis.

As for the Saudis, US and Turkey already suggested them to admit the murder but asked them to attribute it to rouge killer theory, an event that has taken place without the knowledge of the King or the Crown Prince. But Saudi so far has been unwilling to eat this small humble pie, despite Pomeo's visit, and that is the only reason why any official statement or explanation has not come out from the Royal Court yet.

I predict that the Saudis will sooner or later admit that Khassogi was killed by an over-enthusiastic rogue investigation team, without the knowledge of MBS. I cannot fathom any other theory they can come up with. Their state sponsored newspapers floated the theory that Qatar and Turkey ganged up together and murdered Khashoggi, but even their own people did not buy it.

Saudi will lose billions. The lesson of history is no one learns from history. Muslims for sure did not learn from the history of World War I.
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