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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Embassy wasn't bugged. His apple watch (which he was wearing) was synced to his another phone outside the embassy.

Anyways, this is not the first time.
Infact as much as "ToBeFair" would make you believe that MBS is the reason, the fact is that such kidnapping/killing has been the modus operandi of the Saudi Govt for years (long before Bin Salman ).
I've read about the Apple Watch explanation and like Tonoy explained, I don't believe it. It could be right though, who knows.

Turkey supposedly has a lot of evidence but is quite hesitant to reveal its sources which leads to believe either someone from inside the embassy ratted them out/is a mole or the embassy is itself is bugged. Seeing how relations between Turkey and Saud are, I wouldn't be surprised if the embassy is indeed bugged which most countries in the world probably do anyways. It would also explain why they are hesitant because it would not be good for global relations if Turkey comes out admitting they bug foreign embassies.
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