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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Embassy wasn't bugged. His apple watch (which he was wearing) was synced to his another phone outside the embassy.

Anyways, this is not the first time.
Infact as much as "ToBeFair" would make you believe that MBS is the reason, the fact is that such kidnapping/killing has been the modus operandi of the Saudi Govt for years (long before Bin Salman ).
applewatch having such capability is nearly impossible. Bluetooth range is very limited so a watch to be synched to an iphone from that distance makes no sense. Also there were reports about the 15 men using his severed fingers to unlock the watch to delete couple of files is also pretty bogus as the watch has no such capability.

Its pretty gruesome how the Monarchy could get away with such barbaric act. As a muslim I am repulsed such people are in charge of the two of the holiest site. I have made a personal vow to never visit that place until the monarch is fully gone.
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