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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I’ve recently reactivated my brokerage account and looking to invest some. I haven’t followed the market closely in a while.

I was only invested through my 401k.

But looking for some mutual funds or ETFs now. Not looking to day or short term trade.

Any ideas?
S and P or DOW based ETFs make sense but with the market at all time highs, and with such an unconventional President at the helm, the market is due to take a hit. But you can make money there too...there's SDOW which gains 2.5 points for every point the actual DOW loses. But its super high risk.

Granted I'm an investing novice, and I don't believe that any analyst has a clue of what is going on. The market is purely based on luck and intuition...a Wharton degree won't help you. You do have to know what the trend is or rather will be, and then get lucky.

For example, I bought some Spotify stock hoping it would be the next Netflix and sure enough I made some siginificant gains, but now its fallen below what I bought it for. I'm confident it will go up again, but there is always a chance it might not.
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