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In the last couple of years my high risk allocation primarily consisted of crypto and MJ stocks, so can't complain at all. I do think these have become overvalued now, so I've been reallocating. No point going into details of why two years ago I felt MJ was going to take off, as it has become common knowledge to every investor by now.

I'm curious to learn what you guys think of hemp, one of the areas I've been researching for my next high risk play. Here's the cliff note version--Cannabis contains THC (part that makes you high) and CBD (part that has medical benefits). Most US states have legalized it for medical use (think CBD), some states have legalized for both medical and recreational use (think THC). Federal govt however hasn't legalized it; consequently most cannabis companies today are based out of Canada and trade on CA exchanges. Hemp contains more CBD than cannabis and almost no THC. There's been some serious effort to legalize hemp, spearheaded by senator Mitch McConnell in particular. Since 2014, area in which hemp is grown in Kentucky increased from 40 acres to over 14,000 acres. I've been keeping an eye on the Farm bill through which McConnell is pushing to legalize hemp. It didn't pass in July, I think they'll try again in November and if it doesn't go through then again some time next year. If it passes the cannabis industry could be disrupted.
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