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Default Am I too late to introduce myself

I was out for 4 days and now finding everybody is introducing themselves. Actually i was always wondering about all of you, about your age, where are you from etc etc.... I don't write in this forum too much - but I definitely read the postings made to this forum and enjoy the discussion - because I consider myself as a big time Bangladesh Cricket fan - even though they suck - but always awaiting for there improvement. Anyway, I am working in a semiconductor company in US and by the way, after reading all the postings in this thread - I feel that may be I am the oldest one so far. I live in Phoenix, Arizona.

When Bangladesh is playing - I don't miss those matches following or watching (not always possible in US). Sometime I have big fight with my wife for that waste of time (to her).

Anyway, tehsin really have done a very good job..... tanks for that.

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