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When will this sad tale end? We have consistently scored between 100 and 125 in these 4 WC matches so far. We cannot expect any different result in the next 2 matches. The thing that is of concern is that we are getting worse than some of the non-test playing nations. I am not saying this out of frustration, but if we were asked to qualify for the World Cup again, there is a distinct possibility that we might not be able to do so.

So is anyone in the management thinking about the real problems? Nazim has clearly pointed out some issues:

1. Players should not be changed too soon.
2. One that I liked most is that there is not too much difference in the players abilities in any case.
3. Past players should have more contribution in the development of our cricket.

I know what will happen after the team lands in Dhaka. There will be some scapegoats, some heads would roll. The Coach will be fired and similar short term fixes would be looked at. We will be where we are.
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