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Originally Posted by mhferdaus
1. Anti-Semitism :
If you dare to say anything against Israel or Jews, you are an anti-semitic. period.
Eg, Mel Gibson ( i love him)

Originally Posted by mhferdaus
3. Bangladesh hates India : Another common misconception from the indian members of the forum is that we hate india or do not have gratitude. We in general though do not hate india, a lot of us watches Hind movie and likes tendulkar and ganguly and other cricket players.
I for one, Hate India. Period.
I loathe Pakistan. Double Period.

I like/admire the Great Tendulkar, but dont like the rest of Indian team.
(well, may be i admire Sehwag too, shhhh.... dont tell anyone)...

Originally Posted by mhferdaus
4. Bangladesh needs India as only trade partner :
i got an idea. How bout we make an bileteral trade agreement with them...
we can exchange all those floating (vashoman bostohara) "Madhobi's" from Narayanganj/English Road for thier Bollywood actress....
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