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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
must have been an epic match!!!
You Missed the Epic Match that was RSA-Spain

Epic Choke more like it, but it gives new life to the Confederations Cup. Great Tournament, you could see the emotion in faces of the Brazilians and the Americans. I can safely throw out the ICC Champions Trophy analogy

Every Team that has won the Confederations Cup, has lost in the Following World Cup. I'll take that

Bob Bradley is an Idiot, worst Substitutions I've seen in my life.

Landon playing in the Wing as an attacking Midfielder, is his best position thats where he played in 2002 and thats where he should continue play for us. I'll get to see Adu in the Gold Cup next week, Mexico will be the favorites since there B Unit is better than the one Bob Bradley sent out.

Jozy needs to get a Transfer out of Villareal, He can't continue to ride the bench. He was gassed by the 65th Minute. Fulham intrested in him he would make the Starting 11 right away for them, and Can Play alongside Deuce. As for Deuce he had 3 tremondus games, after 2 very porr games.

Jermaine Jones going to Play for us , big upgrade there, wonder if Boca will move the Left Back now.

Torres is gettng intrest from the Teams in Spain, Benifcas New Coach looks like he wants to play Adu right away.

Aug 12th is the big game, WCQ @ the Azteca ... We can Make Mexicos Qualifacation for the WC a nightmare with a win.

Things looking up for 2010

I'm Proud of the players the Coach is still an Idiot
12.6 Syed Rasel to Sangakkara, OUT: What a delivery, completely fooled Sangakkara, first five delivery were the outswingers and now, this one comes in sharply, Sangakkara tries to left it and ball hits the off stump, top class bowling!
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