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Originally Posted by FagunerAgun
Stupid Maple Leafs.....
Embrace the tank bro!!

We need to trim the crap in the off season and play some of our AHL guys, who are ready for prime time. It probably wont happen, but that's what I think needs to happen.

Namely, Lombo, Connolly (), Komi and Army to an extent need to beat it. Frattin, Kadri, Holzner all are ready for a long look, and I feel will do much better than that sad bunch.

Loops - Bozak - Kessel
Mac - Grabo - Kuly
Frattin - Kadri - Ashton
Crabb - Steckel - Brown

Phaneuf - Gunnar
Gards - Schenn
Liles - Franson/Holzner

Looks like a solid team to me for next year. Especially since Carlyle can actually make the team play some D. He'll also undoubtedly have the team playing a good physical game.

Under RW D was horrid, and the team was just WAY too soft.
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