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Caught the ceremony on Internet TV and was moved. Mario changed the game in more ways than one and it's a shame that injuries prevented him from doing more.

That encounter with Leafs fans sounds familiar. I remember going to my first Red Wings game at the Olympia in 1980 and seeing a huge number of those drunken losers heckling us and the USA in our own building. Miracle on Ice happened just 8 months ago and they hadn't won the Cup since '67 but that didn't stop them. Sure we sucked back then but seeing those guys driving down just to dis us was something of an impression they deeply etched into a 13 year old Bangladeshi. Of course the Leafs weren't even playing in Detroit that day!

I hope we get healthy and the guys get their timing right before the playoffs. Pasha (Datsyuk) is set to return this week but no real word on Nick (5), Howard (35) and Eric (52). That being said, it's good to see guys stepping up in their absence and preventing a really bad slide like (predictably) Loseronto. Great to see Val (51), Junior (55) and Helmer (43) reach new heights this year, and White (18) now with Quincey (27) and Smith (2) adding depth to our formidable blue line. I hope to GOD Stew (23) gets way less ice time in the playoffs as the result. Hank (40) and the Mule (93) are in good form, Joey's (31) doing great between the pipes and once again I love our chances this year, now that Setoguchi is no longer with the Sharks. That dude had our number in the playoffs.

Alongside Smith, I'm pretty high on young centerman Gustav Nyquist (14). Skilled and tough with early signs of solid 2-way sensibilities, I'd love to see him mature into another Stevie (19)-Sergei (91)-Pasha (13) type in 5-6 years.
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