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Originally Posted by PoorFan
You are always Special ( excellent ) in comparing apple and orange. Yet again you brought up guantanamo, a totally different issue ( prisoner of war against terrorism ), took place in different place ( isolated army base camp ) and circumstance ( captured in a war field ).

Had it been Mr. Salim was bombing all over the country like JMB ( since we don't have war against terrorism couldn't find better example than JMB ) and captured on the spot, I would have convinced a bit by people like you. Had it been he interrogation in a army camp in a war place like Iraq, Afghanistan, I would have less doubt on your claim. Even more, had it been Mr. Salim a top listed criminal of BD, who killed and terrorized peoples life for nothing, still I would have some sympathy of your kind.

You through garbage all over the place and ask people to clean it up? come on! If you raise question of torture, the burden of proof is yours, that your claim has merit, not mine or any other people.
Seriously dont spew bs all the time. Guantanamo was against for people convicted with terrorists that had nothing to do with warfields. You if want to see apples and oranges you will see it in any analogy.
The funniest thing is i never even drew a direct analogy between what is happening in bangladesh and in the US. All i sed that it happens even in the US, which has a better human rights than bangladesh.
And i dont see the point of ur last sentence as i sed the exact same thing. Maybe i should reply to your posts in japanese or some other language which u comprehend well. Seriously.
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