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Originally Posted by thebest
Robinho and Messi got too little chance to dazzle. But even the small time they got, they glowed. From the list, I think Ribery is the best. Though Podolsky and Febregras come close second. I do agree with HB, Ronaldo is a drama queen - a show pony. He showed great skill for viewers and also for the directors of Europe. But for the cause of team - what he has done? How many crosses he made or movement that lead to goal. I think 0. So for me it is Fabregras, Podolsky and Ribery. Robinho/Messi might truimped them but we have not seen enough of them to prove the hypothesis.
Ribery is 23 so he was not considered as young player by FIFA, Ronaldo's Free Kick almost got Portugal leveled, he really is a gem of a player.