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Here it is:

It was a San Marino-England World Cup 1994 qualifyer, last match: England needed to score seven goals to qualify (and Holland not winning vs Poland), it seemed not impossible knowing the level (very low) of the opponent. So the game started and after eight (8!) seconds there was a goal by... San Marino!!!
Davide Gualtieri scored for the minnowest european country!

Check here:
No England player has matched the fastest goal ever scored against England, by Davide Gualtieri for San Marino at 8.3 seconds of the final match of the ill-fated World Cup 1994 qualifying campaign in Bologna, Italy on 17 November 1993. Here is Jonathon Pearce's radio commentary as the match kicked off: "Welcome to Bologna on Capital Gold for England versus San Marino with Tennent's Pilsner, brewed with Czechoslovakian yeast for that extra Pilsner taste and England are one down."

So the english got a great record to testify they are masters of football!

(btw England finally won 7-1 and did not qualify for the wc)
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