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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
Good article; if you are familiar with the Raj era, the umpires' actions wouldnt seem so surprising.

Basically the order is that the white man is superior, particularly if he is a WASP. Brown people are to keep a low profile, not speak loudly and not try to be too assertive in which case he will be termed "uppity".
Read about the massacre at Jalianwala Bagh and how Dyer justified mowing down hundreds of men, women and children. Read about the "crawling order" ,where all brown people had to crawl on their knees at one street.

Daryl Hair, Tucker etc represent people of Dyer's mentality , transported to the 21st century and their authority reduced to judging lbw's instead of commanding battalions.
Nevertheless, the idea is that a brown who acts above his station, demonstrated particularly when shouting for a lbw, he should be disciplined and reminded of his position

Sorry for the rant in pseudo Victorian English, but I needed an outlet
Yep I've read about that. To be fair there are a lot of decent whites as well as Asians etc. who are rightly ashamed of that attitude. But I guess among many people the condescending mentality still sticks.
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