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Originally Posted by Farhad
Yeah yeah, laugh all you want, but if theres anything i take away from that whole spygate thing (which people never seem to let go by the way), its that Belichicks probably the least likely of all the coaches to be video surveilling anyone right now. That 500K fine should stop him from trying anything further. Hes also the least popular, not many people here like him either. But youve got to admit, the mans a genius...
uh..until Brady arrived, he was an average coach at best. He sucked at Cleveland. Plus, if you already have opposing D's signals and have it burnt into DVD"s at half time, any good team with good players will benefit from that. They are a very good team and no doubt about it. This chorabusiness has been going on with him for years until he got caught this year. Maybe, it explains, why he was so successful when he meets a team for the second time in that particular year. All of the three superbowl victories have come by a margin of three points? Wonder, what would have happened if he didn't have additional help!

The fact is, he is a thief. NFL says so. They punished him for that. He brought it upon himself and his team. Its not our fault..
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