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Guillermo Rigondeaux put in a masterclass vs Nonito Donaire, a P4P top fighter

My Scorecard - 117-110 Nonito Donaire, he seemed to not really follow a game plan, was throwing only single shots, also no jabs were being thrown from nonito

Rigondeaux (12-0, 8 knockouts) put on a clinic from the very start. The two-time Olympic gold medalist showed his supreme technical skills. He was patient in his counterpuncher role and landed some nice stinging overhand lefts – one staggered Donaire early in the first round – and he punctuated the frame with a solid right hook. He controlled the fight with his ring generalship throughout.

Nonito upped his game in the 10th round when he was able to tie-up Rigondeaux on the inside, use his right forearm to create space, and unloaded with a massive left hook that dropped Rigondeaux to the seat of his pants.

Rigondeaux beat referee Benjy Esteves’ count, took a bow, and weathered the oncoming Donaire storm. Donaire connected on several more hard shots, but Rigondeaux got his bearings back and began to land some nice counters of his own and took control again.
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