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Nekre bhai, you are wrong, my last few posts before this one had to with international politics, neither involved India.

but it's true, I have cut down on posting here. the mood in the forum has changed subtly but significantly from the time I started posting. several people whose opinion I respected either underwent drastic change in views or showed their inner self (or may be I had misunderstood them in the first place). there are still folk whose posts I enjoy, BK dada, you, a couple of others....

I haven't followed much cricket since the WC. the non cricket threads here focus mostly on religion, there's not much I can say there without controversy, me being an atheist as well as an Indian. in any case being Indian here is always a practice in tight rope walking and avoiding the directed barbs all the time. after sometime, the negative outweighs the positives and one bows out.
Anything can be sacrificed for truth,
nothing is too valuable to sacrifice truth instead.
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