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i hate these threads - it's like you ask about music or books when you really want to know what type of underwear everyone's wearing - but oh well...

Zunaid, what happened to the Thin Lizzy - did you leave them out? That sounds like my son's playlist, although over the holidays I found myself ceremoniously playing for him a Sabbath tape I recorded on TDK circa 1982. It still sounds remarkably good when played on a cheap $50 boombox.

in my car cd - adnan sami's latest cd "teri kasam";; mark knopfer's sailing to philadephia, u2's vertigo

while writing last minute holiday cards earlier today - a kishore bangla compilation, reminding me there are worse ways to end the year - I could die, my love unspoken for

in my wife's car - a specific jagjit singh song that she is trying to pick up, over and over again, thank god it is one I enjoy

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