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Hangover 1 is a masterpiece.
John Wick was let down as will Joaquim Phoenix Boring-ter study will be.
Never got into the hype of Endgame.
Started watching Baldersnatch didn't finish. Didn't finish Ant Man or the Wasp. After let down of Parabellum when I found Hangover it just hit the sweet spot.

Hangover 3 was again dumb. Seems like - ironically the same director of Joker/Hangover Todd Phillips- likes to portray the mentally ill like momma's boy cucks. Plus Joker looks like an enormous borefest to be honest. Only dumbases who like to critique movie (read: failed Film Majors lol) on Rotten Totamoes will get ha.. on over it.

Triple Frontier is a solid 8-10 imo.
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