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Originally Posted by Eshen
Lawson wants Yousuf, Afridi ouster from ODI team

KARACHI: M Yousuf may be the prolific run-getter for Pakistan in both forms of cricket but coach Geoff Lawson has told the Board that he does not want the senior batsman in the one-day squad because of his poor fielding, reports PTI.

In a recent meeting of PCB Governing Body, Lawson faced some hard questions from some of the members but he stuck to his guns about the future utility of Yousuf and Shahid Afridi. "Lawson said Yousuf should not be in the ODI squad because of his poor fielding while Afridi, despite playing some 300 ODIs, still gets out in the same irresponsible manner," a PCB source said about the meeting in Lahore.

"He (Lawson) basically repeated what he has written in his report on the home series against Zimbabwe claiming Yousuf should not be playing one-day cricket," the source added. Yousuf has scored 8873 ODI runs from 256 matches at an average of 43.07 but Lawson was unimpressed, saying his below par fitness level could be acceptable for Tests but would not pass muster for limited overs cricket.
eita Lawson er barabari. big match e jekhane dorker match winner shekhane fielding er problem kono bepar hote pare na

amader jonno valo. Yousuf thakle deffinately PAK batting onek strong hobe
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