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Look, all of us here are basically powerless people looking at this crisis with whatever info we have. This info has been fed to us by our biased news media, our religious preachers, etc.

We cannot effect a change with such distorted visions of reality. We need to inform ourselves. We need to be aware of history. We need to be more educated so that we can make better decisions.

Religion and biased news controlled by the people in power always have, do and will DISTORT our vision of reality. It's our job to stay informed as much as we can.

Only then can we, the powerless people, begin to affect the system to produce any kind of justice.

The cultivation of education, logic, reason, a sense of democracy and justice, ethics, etc. is essential.

Get rid of religious dogmas. Get rid of blind patriotism. Look at the real world. It's just some stupid factions of homo sapiens squabbling over scarce geo-politico-economical resources. The leaders of the factions are driving masses to fit their agenda.

There is another way of effecting changes in the system. That way is to become a part of the powerful people. But powerful people inherently don't care about justice or democracy. They are inherently amoral, without morality. They don't care if things turn out good or bad for the majority of humanity. All they seek is control. It has been proven over and over again throughout the course of history. Powerful people have their own distorted visions about how the system should be run. That system is totally incompatible with justice and democracy. Whatever changes you make being a powerful person, you can rest assured it's not going to be in the interest of the majority of people.

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