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Originally Posted by patriot
Good to see you back and I am not surprised at the timing of your comeback. Anyways Congrats in advance for winning a much deserved premier league and hope you knock out Gooners and we barca’s for a rematch in Rome . JT aint gonna take the penalty this time.
Yea thanks, it's not like I wasn't here the entire time for the past two seasons also, right? Well anyway, the season is played over 38 games, so it's not over yet. And I don't want CL to go to penalties. Penalties are a lottery and would be way too nerve-wrecking for me to handle for a second year.

Gomez touches the balls and its changes its trajectory by close to around 90 degrees with no contact from Carrick. You might have your arguments, but even those pundits on Match of the day, especially Alan Hansen (I know he played for pool) agreed Spurs controlled the game until that Penalty.
It's easy for us to debate decisions since we have the hindsight of action replay and the ref don't. So may be it's about time they bring in video technology in the game. In the end, United took advantage and without this predatory mentality, and a bit of fortune you can't win the premier league let alone stay in it.

He is lucky PFA nominations were decided well before that Liverpool game where Torres tore him apart .
You say that as if United players are given some kind of timeline to play their best while other players are barred from doing so. There was nothing stopping Torres or anyone else from tearing teams apart in the months before February. So it works both ways doesn't it? PFA nominations are done the same time every year, the best players up to then get the nominations. That said, I think it's strange why can't they do the nominations after the season ends. Surely all the players can't be that busy.

Giggs is a great player but to say he deserves that award over lampard,vidic or gerrard award by starting only 9 games this season (YES , 9) is a crime. Giggs is nominated up there SOLELY cos they felt Giggs was undervalued all these years and the result is a sympathy-award for him before he finally hangs his boots.

Rooney , Ronaldo , vidic and ferdinand had a far better season than him .
It is a crime that he hadn't won the PFA a long time ago! Giggs has more pride and more trophies than any player in the country to accept some sympathy award. This is about acceptance of respect from every corner of professional football for the most decorated player in the English football history and a model professional who clearly deserves it.

They heard you.


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