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Originally posted by Mridul point is...women should not expose theirselves infront of public...especially got tempated then....there r ppl who could not resist their temptation and commit adultry....and there r ppl who can resist themeselves....the less women will expose theirselves....the less situation of adultry/fornication/rape will be occured...
Burkha By Farhad Mazhar

O Lord, my girlfriend does not wear a burkha

She tells me, those who are faithful

They never look at a woman's body with evil eyes

They gaze only with Allah’s pure eyes

Only the lechers and unfaithful shout for burkha.

Let Allah put a black blindfold on their impure sight.

What is your judgment?

Look, the tailor eagerly awaits your answer

Crafty business plans: he waits with scissors and cloth

Waiting to turn on the sewing machine at your order.

Think it over, not bad - this idea of mine

Men wearing sharp clothes, all the airs

Even a prayer cap.

But the imbecile walks with a black blindfold

In the streets, not a burkha in sight

But people easily see

Who is the lecher and who is the faithful.

(a translation from original Bangla. The bangla goes on like this:

"Amar bandhobi probhu burkha pore na, morey koy
Jara porhesgar tara kobhu nareer shorir
Ku-nojore noy, dekhe allah'r shorif noyone,
Luccha O lompot jara tarai keboli burkhar
Ojuhat toley. Allah dik kalo kaporer
Potti bedhe ei shob purusher napak nojore"....etc

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