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Great post. Sadly the plate competition seems more likely for us. BCB deserves praise for a let of their recent initiatives. But they ve screwed up on this one.

We ve had a lot of success and giant killing in past tournaments. But in those tournaments the squad prepared and worked together for long periods. The coaches we employed during those times were highly professional and brought in a lot of discipline. Think McIness, De Winter and even Shaun Williams to some extent.

But BCB seems to have lost focus the last couple of editions. They were satisfied with local coaches Nazmul Abedin Fahim and recently Jafrul Ehsan. None of these guys added value like their Aussie predecessors. Only in the last minute BCB asked Sarwar Imran and Jurgensen to help out. Can they make an impact time will tell.

Whatever the outcome of the tournament, i hope BCB appoints an under 19 coach on a long term basis. And not just anyone. It must be someone who can bring in passion, discipline, work ethic. You got to develop strong mindsets from an early age. Working on basic techniques shouldnt be the job of the national team coach. These things need to be sorted early. So bring in a qualified, professional coach. Doesnt have to be a foreigner. Plenty of talented local coaches out there-Salahuddin, Aminul Islam, Khaled Mahmud, Mashud.
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