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Originally Posted by cricman
All Sid the Kid Had to do was slift the puck, and they would have won.

So Many wasted Odd-Man Rushes wasted, Pens tried to make one pass to many instead of shooting on good scoring opportunites, Varlamov will let in the softie and give east rebounds
Tell me about it bro. We would have won had he scored. Sid is not the best goal scorer. I have seen him miss many many easy goals over the last four years. What is worrisome is lack of production from the so called wingers. Our centers ( Malkin, Sid, Staal ) keep providing quality chances, but wingers are not putting it in. Same thing happened in the Philly series. Again, no Malone or Hossa, sigh ! I just don't see us doing much this year. PP is a dud as well.

Watch out for Chicago. They remind me of the Pens last year. Young team first time on the scene. Don't really know anything about playoffs. Just plain playing.

Hiller is the real deal. Stellar performance today though I missed the game.

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