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Originally Posted by Beamer
Every time Ducks took a penalty, it seemed like the momentum turned towards Wings, and it did. I thought Ducks played well 5 on 5. Hiller looks like the real deal. Getzslaf is a force to be reckoned with. This series will go the distance if Ducks manage to stay out of the sin bin. If not, they will lose in five or six. Simple as that.

Boston rolled as expected. They have four lines churning all time. How about Ryder ? I bet Habs fans are gutted right now. And , Carey Price? He is going to be Theodore 2.0. He is overrated. I rank him below top fifteen goalie in this league..

We want to win at least one game in D.C. Oh..I wish Theodore was there!
Spot on Beamer. This will be a tough series but after the first game, I don't think we'll have issues. Our first two lines may match up once the Ducks give their 120% but the other two lines give us the decisive edge. As do our PP units. Our PK units have guys with the knack for SHGs and that puts unnecessary but sustained psychological pressure tough to handle. We'll see how they hold up at the Pond. Even at their best, they can neither stifle nor get past the Saint, Pav and Hank and our playoff performers can handle the rest without too much difficulty. Complacency is not in our vocabulary and we don't mind losing a game or two if they deserve the win ...

Pens will have a really tough time but I'm still rooting for them to beat the Caps.
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