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A nation which has failed horribly to implement / practice almost any sort of law / system, should not even think about new system on earth. An unique system may change atmosphere / hope for a short time, but at the end will become same failure, since we don't know how implement or maintain to bring the desired result. Simply we are not used to practice any system properly, or not willing to do so for whatever own reason. Current CG system is a good example, and of course there are many other example in short scale like justice, police, education and what not. All are seriously corrupted even having their own law and management system.

My point is ... rather we concentrate on learning how to implement and practice existing / recognized system on earth, that would be obviously more easy. We need to learn the basic first, before going for invent something new. Otherwise we always will live in controversy, and will dance on street every issue we face. Rest of the world, even India will show their sympathy and will wish our best as usual.

IMO, only few change may bring a stable situation in our country ... for example ... independent justice, election, police, corruption prosecution bureau etc. can bring a drastic change in our society, as well as in politics. And the result will start to come in a short time of period I believe ... say in 10 years? ... ( am I dreaming or what? )

I don't see other short cut, but implement those things as soon as possible and practice ( law and enforcement ).
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