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Originally Posted by Tiger-ess
Don't get me started on Sammy! If you gather all of our playing XI plus all the picchis that go in and out of the team, still you'll find Sammy's intelligence is more than all of them put together. Don't forget he only debuted in 2007 and was out of the team for a while afterwards. I work with a couple of hardcore west indian fans and they were calling for Sammy's head when he started regularly featuring in the team(post 2009 I think) as was a wasteful part of the XI. I know as a Bangladesh fan I'm in no position to say this, but Sammy was and still is pretty ordinary as a PLAYER. But as a captain Now!!! That's a complete different story, he's worked wonders ever since he's been appointed captain of team that was pretty much dead and buried at the time. His captaincy skills will make one think he's been in the game for a rather long time. To be able to assert your authority over the big guns like Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, pollard is no job of a fool!

Go Sammy!
well said!
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