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Default Contracts, Averages, Team Names and Stadiums - BCFCL, Season 1

These are the contracts that are available to the players for BCFCL, Season 1:

bangla-red's Team

Bangla Red (Batsman, RHB, LAS) (bangla-red) AA (C)
Bujhee Kom (Batsman, RHB, RLS) (bujhee kom) AA
Dhrubo (Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Dhrubo) B
Razi (Batsman, LHB, ROS) (Razi) C
Nzfan (Batsman, LHB, LAS) (nzfan) C
Parvez (Batsman, RHB, RM) (parvez) D
F1-mania (Batsman, RHB, RM) (F1-mania) D

Akib (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RLS) (Akib) B
Ashfaq Siraji (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Siraji) C

Purbasha Talukder (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (Purbasha T) B
Sadi (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (WarWolf) B

Gopal Bhar (Bowler, RHB, LF) (ZeeshanM) A
Sidratul Baizeed (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (sbsash) B
Abz Yemon (Bowler, RHB, RF) (abz..+) C
Niv (Bowler, RHB, RLS) (Niv) D

Rifat's Team

Mijanul Akbar (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Tigers_eye) AA
Tonoy (Batsman, LHB, LFM) (tonoy) B
Auntu (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (auntu) B

Rommel Rana (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RF) (ro1249) B
Fahad (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Mav) D

Nycpro96 (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, ROS) (nycpro96) B
Cameron (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (cameron) D

Nadim (Pure All-rounder, RHB, RLS) (nadim 98) AA
Gunda (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RF) (gunda) C
Ashraf (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RLS) (Ashraf-FTP) C

Jaber (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (jaber) D
Abid Khan (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (Abid_Khan) D

Rifat Chowdhury (Bowler, RHB, ROS) (Rifat) AA
Yusuf Mohammed (Bowler, LHB, LM) (MohammedC) B
Warfaze Dream (Bowler, RHB, RF) (Imteaz) D



AA - 60
A - 56
B - 52
C - 48
D - 44


AA - 15, 12
A - 13, 16
B - 11, 20
C - 9, 24
D - 7, 28


AA - 56
A - 52
B - 48
C - 44
D - 40

Batting A/R's

AA - 52, 26
A - 49, 30
B - 46, 34
C - 43, 38
D - 40, 42

Bowling A/R's:

AA - 30, 18
A - 27, 22
B - 24, 26
C - 21, 30
D - 18, 34

Pure A/R's:

AA - 41, 22
A - 38, 26
B - 35, 30
C - 32, 34
D - 28, 38

Post Count:

AA: Captain/9000+ posts.
A: Vice Captain, 6000-8999 posts.
B: 3000-5999 posts.
C: 1000-2999 posts.
D: 1-999 posts, has not posted for one month (Inactive).

Contracts were awarded a few days before the draft.


2 AA contract players for each team.
As each team has 2 wicketkeepers, the captains must choose one to be a keeper (the other one will be a batsman with a contract upgrade to batsman)
Both captains must nominate a vice-captainwho will get a contract upgrade to A.

Team names: Both captains will post a team name (via probably consultation with team via PM). There is a limit of 20 characters for a team name, and they must not include obscene language (ie swear words)

Stadiums: Each team will have a home stadium where they will play their home games. There is a limit of 15 characters, with otherwise the same criteria for Team names.

Me and Rifat will also choose the name of a neutral stadium to play deciders.

Contracts, Team names and stadium names must be announced by Monday 17th August 2009 (includes this day). Failure to do so will resut in me naming a team name and stadium name for the team. After the deadline, any team member is eligible to post contracts and a vice captain.

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