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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
I can't disagree with you in two fronts. 1) Below par domestic cricket, 2) Learning on the job.

1) Every player has to deal with it. Why make exceptions? With huge potential even in crapy league like ours, the cream should come up way on top. They already have been on the job for how long now?

2) If one can't learn in 7,8+ years on the job, I would take the high road ofcourse. Doesn't make sense otherwise. Team always comes before the individual players. Ranking potentials gave us nothing.

Furthermore, the attitude they have, shows they are not capable of learnings. When a top order player scores 50+ in five innings and satisfied with his performance you think they have learned anything from their previous mistakes. Another one blames on everything nowadays but himself. They don't take responsibility. The whole approach is wrong. I say these players are uncoachable. They corrupt the other young ones as well. Stay away from the national team.
unfortunately we don't have any better players...yet.

ashraful for all his inability/unwillingess to learn averages 24 which is higher than everyone else except shakib. and at points in his career he's enjoyed an average higher than or equal to shakib's. of course i expect shakib to push his average to 30 within a year.

now is the time we find out if the riyad's and naeems...those untalented but hard-working players can get the job done. if they come in and average 30 or close to that, then yes, ashraful and his ilk will have met their ends.

now i hope that Sohel bhai is right, that players peak at 27-35...i'd lower that to 25-30...and see if the ashrafuls, aftabs, aloks, etc can fight their way back into the international scene once their spots in the team are permenently gone.

and thats the key, ash has only been dropped for a match or two here or there. he was only once dropped for an entire series, and he responded by averaging 40 for an entire calendar year afterwards - highly inconsistent, but hit a 50+ every series. he was once again dropped for the 2006 zimbabwe home series, then went on to hit 118 and 263. if ashraful fails as non-captain now, i would suggest permemently dropping him for at least a full domestic NCL season. mehrab and/or naeem can average 25 with the bat so the only thing we'll miss is that once in year Eid al Ashraf against Sri Lanka.
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