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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
Form what I've seen, he's a better keeper. His batting is somewhat limited and cautious, but useful for the longer versions. Definitely not as aggressive or loose as Dhiman or Pavel, Pavel's batting can be even sloggier, he tries to be compact and play with a straight bat. But local pitches and bowlers won't challenge his batting and adequately prepare him for the highest level the way A team exposure will. Being as young as he is, I hope he gets selected to have a decent run with the Academy and later the A team, especially for the longer version.

Keeping-wise, he burst into the NCL two seasons ago as the league's top keeper, and became even better last season. Makes very few unforced errors and that is reflected in the large number of stumpings and catches already under his belt. VERY agile and athletic with a great sense of space and angles. Not a midget either so he has good range. But better coaching will make him better behind the stumps.

Like him lots ...
so from what you've seen who do you rate as the best keeper in the country? dhiman? saghir? shahin? mushy? someone else?
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