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Originally Posted by ZunaidH
are you kidding? Privatization is the ultimate direction for growth on anything. Why would cricket be any different. Get your theories straightened buddy...
Originally Posted by WarWolf
I am not thinking about marketing of cricket dude. Cricket is a game which is supposed have some aristocracy and i like it to be that way. I don't like it to be manipulated by businessmen just to make money (the way BCCI and indians are doing right now).
Originally Posted by BANFAN
Brother you don't want to market cricket and want development and keep the aristocracy attached to it. Where from the money will come for that development & aristocracy, without marketting it?
Originally Posted by WarWolf
You probably misunderstood the post of ZunaidH. Here is what he proposed.

I don't think I have misunderstood ZunaidH at all. Rather I am also telling what he said. Marketing is important for the development; May be with a mixure of Private and Public initiatives.

In fact I replied quoting your post; not of ZunaidH. I guess you misunderstood me.
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