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I personally don't think following the Aussies will be a wise decision for us. It could have been best if we were able to make our own model. As due to lack of vision this is not possible, we are bound to some other existing model. Due to economic, cultural and regional similarities, Srilanka should be the best model for us to follow.

As pointed by Yaseer, our cricket runs around clubs which is partially similar to them. Back in the 70s they had been an associate member of ICC and finally achieved full membership in the early 80s. Since then they constructed their path so well that they could become the world champions in 1996. We got some similarities in cricketing history so it's wise to follow them to get on the top of others.

Australia is one of the two first test playing countries and established their cricketing culture with more than 120 years of time. We are so different from them in every way that there is no real reason to follow them at all.
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