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u did good wo.wlf bhai. u right. but our managemant not gona understand, what ever u saying....because there born to be illitarate. and dont forget, their politician. they will do what they wana do. at the moment thier making good money. so they dont have any excuse about their fainancial cause. bangladesh has lots of ability to playing good cricket. they have more oppurcunity, rather than srilanka. so where we behind? we dont have a commitement,
we dont have a country love
we r selfish
we can leave the country for money
and we dont play for team, we play for own++++++++

thats why srilanka 10 years ahead , rather than us. because they dont have a those kind problem, excepted economical problem. which because they r war zone. no body wants to go there....otherwise they r in top...
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