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I know its an odd thing to say since they're both bat-and-ball sports, but I dont find the two sports to be similar at all. I've played both, and let me tell you, baseball should have died out a LONG time ago. A lot of the Americans i talk to seem to think Cricket is boring, and i dont understand that at all because most of them like baseball (which is, to me at least, AGONIZING). At least theres something to watch in cricket, even in test cricket. Even if runs aren't scored every ball, at least the bat *connects* with the ball on most occasions. It isnt uncommon in baseball to go 10 minutes watching strike after strike after strike. And dont forget what they call a "ball", baseballs "wide" equivalent. There are more of those in the first 15 minutes of a baseball game than in an entire ODI match...And all this is coming from a guy living in boston, where EVERYONE is crazy about the sport. I just dont get it...

Eh, what the heck...GO BoSOX!!
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