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Default Why Cricket Fans Dont Like Baseball?

Cricket and Baseball are similar sports, at least by the lay mind. However, those who passionately follow cricket, dont necessarily share the same passion for baseball.

Im speaking to those in the USA obviously. I have seen that US cricket fans are more interested in basketball, football, or other sports but not too many going all out for baseball. For some reason, it has NOT translated over to the US fans...I have seen many of you speak about cricket pretty expertly, and I can say u r very well following a sport oceans across from you...where u DONT watch a game live in a stadium EVER, ur fan base is scattered and most of u BC members almost never meet up in the US...yet somehow u have developed a sport that is foriegn to the the point most of u guys write in these forums pretty often.

Yet that passion cannot be even seen for NBA if I must say...or for that matter, any other american watched sport. In that respect, u guys are an eccentric class of men, a devout cricket fan from another continent who dont even recognize the sport...Y u men take such pain? Y not just..follow a sport more closer and similar?

BY the way, I am a hypocrite cuz I live in a city with two baseball powerhouses...The Los Angeles DOdgers and Anaheim Angels...and I still watch follow cricket with passion and fervor. But just for kicks...why?????
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