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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Brother you don't want to market cricket and want development and keep the aristocracy attached to it. Where from the money will come for that development & aristocracy, without marketting it?
You probably misunderstood the post of ZunaidH. Here is what he proposed.

Originally Posted by ZunaidH
I also believe that cricket is played the wrong way around the globe. The right way to play is create a private league and make the game played through private franchises (e.g. NBA in the USA).

1) Think long term to establish Private Leagues (Test/ODI/20-20)
2) Also think long term to significantly reduce powers of national cricket boards. Cricket Australia, BCB and ECB should be more an advisory board for the game in respective countries.
3) Have private investors pump in money and that will create the path of infrastructure. Only real money will bring the brightest people playing the game.

Dissapointing that the world is not thinking the right way for cricket. I was hoping folks at banglacricket would at least propagate the vision.
I don't think playing the game throught private franchises or establishing private TEST or ODI is a wise thing at all. That was my point actually.
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