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We are already in the process of following the Ausie model. Ausi/SA/Sri etc almost every country who has been successful in producing quality cricketers have a good system in place. It is virtually impossible to follow a model in totality. Lessons learnt from different systems has to be blended to our context to achieve the best results.

Srilanka possibly has the best structure in the subcobntinent. We also have to consider our national realities before we try to copy someone.There is nothing in pak cric structure worth following and many of Indian approaches are impossible to follow as we don't have such strong private sector to back the game. Ideally SA with limited private sector assistance, have a good structure and have a very dynamic structure. While Aus has a very stable and sound structure in place for a long time. To produce players in short term I think SA does a good job and for long term, we have a lot to take from Ausies.

Leaving more controll on the private sector is possibly a good idea, but unfortunately we don't have such capable private sector and if the focus is only on money and board does not have much controll, then 100 % matches will be fixed.
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