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I can't agree with you either. Packing the team with batsmen is not going to solve our problems. Would having an extra batsman made any difference today? No, because the team decided to play like idiots. We need the batsmen we have to score. If they all play irresponsible thoughtless cricket, having 11 batsmen won't help us.

However, Tapash apart, our bowling wasn't that bad. Too many extras, but that can be worked on. Also, you say that spinners were used too much against Canada. The spinners bowled 30 overs for 79 runs, which is an economy rate of 2.63. That is excellent, even without the 4 wickets they took today. On the other hand, the pace bowlers bowled 20 overs for 101 runs, which is 5.05 an over. You do make a good point about bringing Masri on earlier to finish off the tail. That might have worked.

My two changes for the next game, Ash instead of Sumon, Talha or Sujon instead of Tapash.
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