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A brave effort indeed AF.
Many men, much much wiser and powerful than us have tried to walk the path before, and failed.
But no harm in trying though.

As for me, i'd like to differ on couple of points you have mentioned.

Originally Posted by al Furqaan
while it is true that none of the administrations want peace, i feel that the majority of the people invloved want peace of some type.

this is because of the basic goodness of man which is in spite of the basic evil of those that lead them.

a majority of israelis want peace in the middle east and so do most palestinians and most americans. of course the obstacle is that there is a serious lack of trust between parties. my proposal aims to minimize that distrust.

1) the israeli view is that a Palestinian state might be used as a terror launch pad to attack a teritorially weakened jewish state. it is true that palestinian groups have launched attacks without provocation in the past. in order to counter this the proposal should be a compromise: palestinians will not be allowed a soverign military and israelis will be responsible for defending palestine from external threats. israel could also retain control of palestinina airspace and borders as it does today.

this is a safe bargain, because palestine is surrounded only by friendly states. so in effect, israel is getting something (security assurances) for nothing (the chance that jordan or syria will attack palestine). and the palestinians are getting something (their own country) as well.
those underlined. you cant be serious!
yes, they are possible, but only in papers!
theoritically yes, practically no. like communism.

you cant create a soverign state and not have a military force to defend itself, whichever the context it might be in. Then its not soverign in the first place.
Yes they are surrounded by "friendly" states, but still that doesnt ensure a 100% guarantee or safety.

Its like you are asking someone to marry, only not to consummate the marriage.

Not having a military force while israel controlling her airspace and border, you might as well call Palestian an autonomous province of israel.

Plus, what guarantees you that Israel would be eager to spend its taxpayers money to protect palestanians interest?

Neither parties have any friendly history to rely on, or suggesting it would, to put such trust.
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